Notification class V4

@Jim @duncan have a question about the Notification class. According to the ST documentation (the Z-Wave utility reference), ST supports Notification class V3.

What would happen if a product that supports class V4 were to be paired with the controller? Specifically if it sent in a NOTIFICATION_TYPE_PEST_CONTROL (type code 14)? Would it still work or would the command be dropped?

First is the documentation accurate and ST only supports class V3 or does it support class V4?

Thoughts anyone?

It will still work. All Z-Wave command parsing is designed to be forward-compatible (mandated by the spec), so we never drop newer versions.

Also, since the newer versions of Notification just add new values instead of new fields, you can still fully support the new notification types using the v3 class.


FWIW, the Strips by Sensative is Notificationv4. It pairs and works fine, but you can’t actually use any v4 functions in the DTH. I had to set parse and the zwave function to v3 to be able to get it work - bombed with v4.