Is there an updated list of command classes and versions?

The list of the command classes and versions supported is sort of here:

However, it’s out of date - zwave plus and s2 are missing, for example.

Does anyone know where to get an up-to-date list?

@JDRoberts - knower of almost all things SmartThings :slight_smile: – any thoughts?

@jkp - I couldn’t find a specific reference to the command classes there like the one I linked. Would you mind sharing a link to a specific page?

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We are in the process of retooling the way hub connected devices work. I don’t have any timelines or dates to give but we are aware of the deficiency.

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@jody.albritton When you say “retooling the way hub connected devices work”, does that mean we won’t be able to use our custom handlers anymore?

I’d actually just like an updated list for the existing functions, to be honest.

For the groovy dth devices, that list is fairly current. Is there something specific you are looking for?

Well there are no zwave plus or s2 functions for one. Not sure if anything else is missing. And are the versions implemented all still up to date? For example, that docs says configuration v2 is the max supported, but it looks like v3 is supported also (Zwave standard is up to v4).

@jody.albritton Would you be able to advise on this please?

I’ll interject my own thoughts and experience here…

All zwave devices are “backward compatible”. So a multichannel v4 device will still accept multichannel v3 commands. You just have to be careful about what you try to send it. So it will work, but you will not be able to use the capabilities of the later versions of the command class.

The doc you are looking at is pretty out of date and we have not replaced it yet in the new developer guide. With regard to the different versions I would need to go case by case and see what we have implemented in the code. We are currently working to get our hub certified with the latest zwave standard. As I have said before, things with hub connected devices are changing up and we will be making an announcement about that at a later date. In the mean time, what we have documented is what we officially support. If you have special requests or problems please email

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