Notification version 4

Got a new device (Strips by Sensative) and was messing around with a handler for it vs the generic handler. I notice in the command classes it has supposedly has notification v4. But when I tried to include something for that, I got an error in the IDE: unable to resolve class physicalgraph.zwave.commands.notificationv4.NotificationReport

However, the device seems to be handling via notification v3 so in the grand scheme, I don’t think it matters much. But I’m wondering if this is a known thing or I’m just doing something wrong.

Can I ask what you are trying to get with a custom device handler?
I have a couple of these and they are working OK with the stock handler.

A little more control. Smartthings sets everything to 4 hour wakeup by default (or at least it did, last I read), and I’d like to set it to the manufacturer default of 24 hours. Or more (or less) if I want. I also want to be able to control the LED - if you notice, the led flashes when it opens. I’d like to be able to turn that off (or back on, as the case may be).

There’s only one other parameter and that’s the type of report (notification/basic/binary) which I don’t care about.

Ah. Ok just wondering as I didn’t think there was anything to configure.
I did spot the led flash. Could be good to turn off i suppose as I can’t see it where mine are mounted anyway.

SmartThings hasn’t updated their supported command classes in a while so they only support version 3.

I haven’t encountered any problems using v3 instead of v4 so I’m not sure if it really makes a difference.