Zwave.parse() generates java null pointer exception for command 7105

zwave.parse() generates a null pointer exception for the Z-Wave command 7105 and never calls zwaveEvent(). This is for a Z-Wave door/window contact sensor.

Exception ‘java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method command() on null object’ encountered parsing ‘cmd: 7105, payload: 00 00 00 FF 06 16 00 00’

Does anyone know which command class this is?

Ok, I figured it out. The device uses COMMAND_CLASS_NOTIFICATION_V4 so I specified [0x71: 4] in zwave.parse.

However, Smartthings only supports COMMAND_CLASS_NOTIFICATION_V3 so I changed the call to zwave.parse to use [0x71: 3] which got rid of the error.

As various devices start to use COMMAND_CLASS_NOTIFICATION_V4, it would be nice if SmartThings starts to support this command class version as well.