Notice: iHome Control Cloud Service Termination (April 2, 2022)

Thanks for posting. This sucks…

  1. I’ve not received any notification from them… I only know because of this post.
  2. Less than 1 month lead time to replace a bunch of my plugs.
    Not nice
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Sad, but this has been coming for a while. The new products they introduced last year were not compatible with their own app.

The GEENI app is now used to install and operate the new iHome smart home products.
This product is not compatible with the iHome Control App.

One of the nice things about the Apple HomeKit requirement that all devices be able to run locally except for voice control means that even when a device manufacturer does drop support their devices do continue to operate through HomeKit, although potentially with a more limited feature set. But that doesn’t give you smartthings integration. :disappointed_relieved:

Well that very unfortunate that iHome will no longer support their older products. I use it to monitor Temp / movements at a remote house.
I will definitely stay away from any iHome new products !!
Probably will just buy a smart thermostat instead…
Bye bye iHome products.

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My plugs are still working at this time. Is that the same for everybody?

Mine all stopped working with Alexa ~ Apr-28-22, and now I can’t even press the button on the isp5 to turn a device on at all. UGH

Mine stopped working. The FAQ is wrong. What a bunch of crooks. My home kit doesn’t connect with them any more.

Mine stopped working and will not reconnect even with Home kit.