iHome is down again 2-07-2018

(Joel W) #1

Just received this from iHome.
Dear iHome Control Customers,

The iHome Cloud is experiencing a service interruption. We have identified the cause and are working diligently to restore service.

We will follow-up with a status report as soon as the service is back online.

-The iHome Control Team

(jkp) #2

posted it 1 hour ago

(Joel W) #3

I have moved all my iHome devices to nonessential jobs.

(Squatting Hen) #4

These have been working great until recently. Man…wish I didn’t have 5 of these things now.

(Joseph Whistler) #5

I’m just glad I only bought one of these. iHome isn’t building any confidence…that’s for sure.

(Joseph Whistler) #6

I haven’t even received the courtesy of this notification from iHome. During a recent, past outage, I didn’t know what was going on and spent an incredible amount of time troubleshooting why this outlet (Isp5) wasn’t responding. Now I know better.

I also know better NOT to buy any of these devices again!

(jkp) #7

Did you register your iHome devices on their site and select to receive notifications?

(Joseph Whistler) #8

Yes, I’m registered and trying to find where/how to receive service notifications… not having any luck yet!


I have to say, I’ve had quite a few iHome products in past years (no smart home stuff) and I have had issues with every single one of them. Several expensive alarm clock/docks that quit working and quite an investment in a number of AirPlay speakers that after a few years of issues with their implementation of AirPlay itself and, get this, their speakers falling off the network when I started to implement Alexa voice control of other, non-iHome devices (iHome support were hopeless), I decided to dump it all. Never another iHome device for me.

(Joel W) #10

iHome doesn’t seem to know what they are doing. SmartThings is so much better at handling their problems. At least most of the time. I hope iHome fixes this soon.

(Ben) #11

The last firmware update bricked all 4 of my plugs (as far as connecting to ST). ST won’t allow me to remove the iHome permission, and a bunch of named devices are showing up in ST, none of which I have ever had.

Frustrating to say the least.

(Joel W) #12

Still down as of this morning. I will have to check some things when I get back later this morning. it might have come up, but my stuff is still offline.

I did the quick WiFi off test, and they all show blue as they should if they were all working. If I click on them in iHome App nothing happens. I will call them later.

(Joel W) #13

iHome seems to be back up as of 9:38AM EST.

(Greg) #14

Got a note from HomeKit of all places that there were iHome firmware updates. Should I not be installing these?

I have two iHome outlets hooked into ST and HomeKit. Both had not been working when I left the house this morning.

(Joel W) #15

I have already done the firmware updates, but I don’t think that is the problem. It is just their cloud implementation that sucks.