Nothing working again

all zwave switches not working. tried rebooting hub, add/remove devices not working, hub light is not flashing

got it working not sure what was going on… multiple issues or maybe system was down without showing on the status… weird hub would not go in add/delete mode.

best i can come up with is that i manually did the network repair… no zwave messages were being passed. log would say switch turned on/off etc. but physical switches did not and no zwave events were in the hub events logs…

i figured there must be a wired physical switch bad that everything was relaying through… worked out from the hub and found one plug in zwave dimmer that while still working on/off etc was not working from the app or showing any status changes… i could not remove it or exclude it… force removed it and everything suddenly started working. i have replaced it now and hopefully all is ok… with over 100 devices repair basically does not work