Nothing but problems with new App (June 2021)

I can see where this is leading. I will tell you what version I have and what hardware I use and I will be told that I have to upgrade to the latest stuff. Well, in my book that is not acceptable. A system that is not backwards compatible for more than a year or two is rubbish. I will probably upgrade, however - by leaving the SmartThings ecosystem. Philips Hue will be happy to see me as an extended customer. A bit more expensive but then I won’t have to buy new hardware every second year.

I use the V2 of the hub. The app is the latest (broken and rubbish) version
I use a variety of remote controls. The motion sensors are Samsung SmartThings 2.2.11-4
The door sensors has the same version number as the motion sensors and is also Samsung SmartThings.
For buttons I use the IKEA controls. No version number available.
The plugs are TP-link.
The light bulbs are IKEA and TP-link

But the issue isn’t the hardware. They all use Zigbee or Z-wave protocol. If it was the hardware then why would all of it stop working or malfunction at the same time? Especially since they are different hardware from different manufacturers. The issues arrived after updates of the app, so it is clearly the app that is a pile of dung. I don’t do my own programming so I am only using the presets, routines and automation.

The reason I went with SmartThins was because of compatibility with a variety of hardware from many different manufacturers. Clearly, I was mistaken. I might just as well switch to a totally proprietary system like Philips Hue. At least they have shown a more consistent backwards compability.


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I’m really finding myself angry with Smartthings at this point. The app is a steaming pile of crap. Nothing but incorrect statuses, spinning icons, failure to control, network errors. Support is absolutely useless.
They acknowledged half a dozen cases from me, asked for many logs, even promised me an improved beta version to test over two months ago. And still I wait. And spend 5 minutes every morning trying to disarm STHM. Heaven forbid I actually try to control a device from the iOS app.


I want to know which engineer team at Samsung thought “You know, when our users open up their SmartThings app and click to view their devices, they aren’t going to be interested in their smart home devices but rather, what they really want is to see what bluetooth headphones are paired with their phone. Let’s go ahead and create a category called “Personal Devices” that is the default screen they have to see every time they want to view their smart home devices, and no, this category and its contents can not be deleted, modified, renamed, or anything of that sort”.


Every time? When I select the ‘Devices’ tab I am taken to the last room I was in, even if I have force stopped the app or restarted the phone since I last used it.


I could deal with the weird UI behavior if the app let me control a device or get a correct status within the first 20 seconds of opening it.

Aha good of you to point that out because after trying to re-create the issue I found that I must have been moving between my locations (I have 4) while not viewing the devices screen. It’s only after viewing a new location that the devices tab defaults to the “personal devices”. Once I get to normal usage and not configuring this thing all the time, hopefully this won’t be an issue. Thanks for your attention!

My First alert smoke alarms that worked fine now cant be added becaude they all of a sudden need a hub to work. It now shows none of my devices.

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If only Samsung was a world wide company with the financial backing to do a decent job with their software development.
Wouldn’t that be the least they could do since we have invested tens of thousands of dollars in their products.

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This app sucks!!
How about you utilise the same tech that takes our money? As that NEVER fails.

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Which part of the app is problematic to you Paul ? Are you using Android or Apple ? The app has issues in multiple places but does function for most

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It has given me a bit of a chuckle reading this forum (answering a few questions) after ~12 months of not reading anything. Its crazy and amazing to compare experiences over the last 15 months since my move, and Ive been a very happy camper ever since.

Then fix it!! ST is so terrible and anyone that works there makes it feel like I’m the only one that’s ever had an issue w ST.

It’s as if you guys have meetings to determine how to most effectively screw up the few remaining features of ST one by one.

Terrible company that has somehow inexplicably gotten EVEN worse over the past 4 years.

Astounding what a nose dive ST has taken from an already untenable position in my eyes.

I wish I knew the total amount of time I’ve wasted trying to work w their support.

It’s so pathetic to really see how terrible ST has been for so many customers and early adopters.

Consistently progressively getting worse year after year.