Not getting Aeon minimote events in smartapp

This worked, sometime in the past (year+?) and I’m finally getting around to figuring out why it stopped working.

I have a SmartApp that registers for events from all of my devices and forwards them to my personal, internet exposed, home automation application. Everything seems to be working except for the minimotes. I know at one time they did, but it may have been awhile ago.

Inside of the application, I have these elements to capture the device and events:
preferences {
section(“Active Devices”) {

input “buttons”, “capability.button”, title: “Which Buttons?”, multiple: true, required: false

def initialize() {

subscribe(buttons, “button”, handleEvent)

All of my subscriptions filter to the same event handler which logs the event and then sends it to my application.

The minimotes show up in the application and I can assign them to the button input.
If I press a button and look at the device event history (Device->Events->ListEvents), the button press shows up.
If I look at the live logging, the mini-motes don’t generate any logging events

I know the mini motes are a bid odd, and from what I remember, each button had its own sub-id, or something like that. But I never had to do more than what I’ve indicated above.

Any suggestions on where to look?
I was also looking around and saw a new subscription API. Is this the preferred way to get events?