Not able to see my Repo

Please help me friend , I can not see my repo in GitHub Repository integration. Please help me

Did you click “Update from repo”?

The repo has to have a particular folder structure for the integration with the ST IDE to work. That repo doesn’t look like it has it.


Hello friends,
Thanks for your reply. Do you have any video or link. I saw some other they are same as mine.


Hello Brad, Yes I did.

I looked closer. orangebucket is correct. I believe there is an issue with your file structure which is preventing the file from showing when you click “Update from repo”.

This thread should help:

Here is a working example:

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Wow Brad, thanks a lot for your help. have a nice weekend

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Now I can get repo in “My Device Handler” but not getting any Repo in “My SmartApps” section. please senior once again.


Is there a SmartApp in that repo? Can you link the repo?

Hello Brad, I tried but when i want to open the app I am getting only text in that one not any app simulator

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