Github Integration "Update from Repo" Error

I’m new to Smarthings and Github. Perhaps that’ll be obvious and I’m doing something simple wrong.

But here it goes:

I’ve linked my smart things smartapps to yracine/device-type.myecobee and I’m not sure how to make it so that the smart apps that I previously manually copy-pasted the code to link up to the repository. When I press on “Update from Repo” all of the apps show up as “new (Only in GitHub)” Which I thought, ok, I’ll just re-download them.

But when I check the box on one of the smartapps and then 'Execute Update" it tells me nothing was updated, or created but that I have “1 skipped due to errors” but I don’t see any explanation of what those errors are.

Any help would be appreciated. It sure would be nice to be able to update the smartapps all at once, nice and quick.

So, there’s been lots of people looking at this topic, but no replies. Anyone been able to make the Github integration to work?

Is the repo you are pulling from a SmartThingsPublic repo or Yves’ private repo?

Thanks for the reply!

I would assume it’s a private repo, I know it isn’t the smartthings public one.

How can I check if the yracine repo is public?

The link is below:

I linked it in Smarthings using the following
Owner: yracine
Name: device-type.myecobee
Branch: master

Right. So @yvesracine will need to publish his code in the accepted format for you to be able to sync it in the IDE. There is a specified folder structure that is needed for items to be visible.

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So 2 things:

  1. it needs to be made ‘public’.
  2. it needs to be in the right folder structure?

Does the code need to have anything special? or is it just how the folders are arranged?

Where can I find documentation about what format/folder structure it needs?

If you create a SmartApp from code and publish it with github integration, the folder structure is created automatically. You can look at the folder of your existing SmartThingsPublic to see how to create it manually. In this instance, I think you are wanting to fork and import someone else’s code. They would have to make the folder structure changes on their side for that to work.

Ok, I think I understand.

He would have to add the ecobee’s code into the right file structure, so either redo the existing folder, or have him move it to his SmartThingsPublic folder, which is already in the right format.

Only then would it work to sync. Is that right?

I think that answers my question. Thank you @jodyalbritton

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It’s interesting that the apps and devices show up as a new device in the “update from Repo” area, but give a generic error when you try to download it (Execute Update). That might be something SmartThings could update and make clearer. The error could say something like “File structure not correct”.

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