✔ [Solved] Help github repository new smatapp / Device Handlers

i copy some zwave Device Handlers codes and some smartapps and thy aren’t available in github so i try to do it but every time i try to install in ide skipped due to errors just it and smartapp says Error

500: Internal Server Error



Reference Id


but if i copy the code and do a new Device Handlers from code it works

so please please help here is my repository


please download it and try to fixing it please

i did try for 2 days

Seems you are missing a folder in your path. DTH source (your groovy) should be in a device.src folder that you name as in your DTH name.


metadata {
definition (name: “Air Mentor Pro 2”, namespace: “philippeportesppo”, author: “Philippe PORTES”,

AirMentorPro2_SmartThings/devicetypes/philippeportesppo/ air-mentor-pro-2.src /

Same for your SmartApps

name: “AirMentor Pro UPnP Service Manager”,
namespace: “philippeportesppo”,
author: “Philippe Portes”,

AirMentorPro2_SmartThings/smartapps/philippeportesppo/ airmentor-pro-upnp-service-manager.src /

You have a space in one of your SmartApp names.

https://api.github.com/repos/hashoom8/z-wave/contents/smartapps/hashoom8/life360-smartapp/life360-smartapp 1.groovy

Remove the space between “life360smartapp” and “1.groovy”.

didn’t work now says skipped due to errors

did you move your sources to the folders as i highlighted?

if you don’t respect the file path, the github import won’t find your sources based on my experience

So your “Metering Switch Child Device”, namespace: “erocm123”, author: “Eric Maycock”

Should be in a metering-switch-child-device.src folder,not in a generic folder aeotec-zwave folder.

Have a check to: https://docs.smartthings.com/en/latest/tools-and-ide/github-integration.html

Repository structure

The repository is organized by type (SmartApps or Device Handlers) and namespace.

Each SmartApp and Device Handler should be in its own directory, named the same as the SmartApp or Device Handler, and appended with ".src" .

For SmartApps:

smartapps/<namespace>/<smartapp-name>.src/<smartapp file>.groovy

For Device Handlers:

devicetypes/<namespace>/<device-type-name>.src/<device handler file>.groovy

The namespace is typically your GitHub user name. When you create a SmartApp or Device Handler in the IDE, you provide a namespace, which is then populated in the definition method. This namespace will be used in the directory structure as shown above.


Note that the directory names must all be lowercase and must be consistent with the namespace and the name of the Device Handler or SmartApp. In other words, the directory names must all be lowercase with non-alphanumeric characters replaced with a dash. For example, if a SmartApp has the namespace “My Apps” and the name “My First App” then the path name for it must be smartapps/my-apps/my-first-app.src/my-first-app.groovy .

Brad comment was only about the last of your DTH. Others were already skipped upon import.

ok all working now but the life360 device handler not working

so i guess that means “thank you Brad and Philippe for the hand”…

What is not working in your life360 dth?
things in logs?

If you post help topics and expect we spend time to help, you have to provide a minimum of information

thank you Brad and Philippe

installation not working

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Seems ok on my side: i have your code uploaded just now

not this one life360 device Handler

can’t you snapshot your screen and share steps or more info?

I spend time helping you but i don’t want to guess what you are doing

Your GitHub path is:
devicetypes/hashoom8/life360-device-handler.src/life360-device handler.groovy

and it still has a space in the file name. Rename the file with a dash ‘-’ instead of a space, like Brad explained and it is written in the help I put your above: " name “My First App” then the path name for it must be smartapps/my-apps/my-first-app.src/my-first-app.groovy".

see there is no space but dash in the file name

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Thank you very much Philippe and Brad .

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