Added my repository but no apps listed

I created a SmartApp derived from one of the Samsung provided templates and wanted to put it in a repository, which I also did. You can see that here:

I added the repository but when I go to install from the repo nothing is listed to install. Anyone have any ideas?

Do you mean you want to install the smartapp from the IDE? If so, you named your repo wrong. It has to be a fork of the SmartThings public repo.

I want to create my own repo of my customised scripts. I thought i could create my own repository for that, is that not the case? I’ve installed things from other people’s repositories successfully.

You can do whatever you want in github, but if you want to create a repo that can be linked to the SmartThings IDE, then you have to follow the rules in the document that I linked to.

As I said, your repo will not be linked to the IDE unless your repo is a fork of the ST public repo on github. Just read the document.

OK I’ll take a look, thanks.

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Looks like it’s actually directory structure, I justed needed to nest my .groovy under a smartapps/ dir and it recognised it. No fork needed.

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Cool, I don’t have a GitHub repo myself, I just remembered seeing something about that in the developer doc on the topic.

Glad you got it sorted out.