Not able to delete device Type, even when there is no device, with that type


(sarfraz) #1

I created a new device type for virtual switch. basically I attempted to call a web api, which controls my X10 devices.
It worked in simulator. after that suddenly my simulator started behaving weird.
Either it says
"Simulator is not currently running… " Or “The simulator has been stopped”.
I tried log off and log on , didn’t help. I am stuck on that for few weeks now.

I thought to delete the device type and re-create it, now it throws this error. Even though there is no device in ‘my devices’ with that type. (yup I created originally, but has been deleted and it doesn’t show up in the ide.)
error: "DeviceType still in use by devices "

(Tim Slagle) #2

Hey @frazi can you send me a PM with your account details so I can take a look?

(sarfraz) #3

(sarfraz) #4

@slagle please let me know if you need further details.