"DeviceType still in use by devices"

So, I switched my Aeon RGBW bulb over to this device type instead of the initial type posted here.

When I try to delete the old device type, I get the “DeviceType still in use by devices” message. Problem is…nothing is using that device type! Is there a way to forcibly remove this old device type that I’m not using? I’ve got quite a few automations hooked into the device (that isn’t using this old device type), so deleting the device and re-adding isn’t a solution for me.

My only suggestions are:

Doublecheck your devices list to make sure nothing is using that DTH.

Switch the device back to the old DTH, save and log out. Switch it to the new DTH again, save and log out. Then test it.

In the IDE device handlers section, in the last column ‘sessions’ there’ll probably be a session showing for that dth, close that and you should then be able to delete it.

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Contact support, it may be a orphaned record (thinking its still in use when its not)

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I have this issue. I set up a custom DH on a virtual device to check it out. I’ve deleted the device, but it still says a session is active so I cannot delete the DH. Anyone know how to clear this?

Did you ever figure out how to get rid of this?

I honestly don’t remember. I have so many custom DH’s that it could be any one of them. It could also be none and I may have actually gotten rid of it at some point. Also possible that it just finally disappeared on it’s own!

Sorry I cant be of help.

It is 2019 and this thing is still a bug… Wth… What do you mean by raise a ticket? Where?

You can open a new ticker here. Whether or not you actually ever get an answer is a different question though…

I just opened a ticket on this problem because I have a custom DTH I added 3 years ago that I cannot remove. I stopped using the custom DTH at least 2 years ago!
(Support request #938284)