North Plant Monitor

Not sure if anyone has seen these, but with the price being so low these could be a great opportunity for a device handler.

They look a lot like the Xiaomi Plants Sensor Soil Water Light Monitor that is being discussed at

Here is where I found them at the low price

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Those are Bluetooth, so direct integration to SmartThings is not possible yet.

Even though Smartthings added bluetooth in V2…

It’s never been enabled, hence the “yet” and i’m not sure it’s even on the roadmap to be enabled as it’s not an advertised feature. Just like the USB ports on the back on the v2 hub.

I have a few of these… I’m looking into integrating them first with my magic mirror… If I can do that, then I’ll work on sending that data to ST via pi.

Any luck so far?

Actually, yes. Though I killed the magic mirror and just have the pi running a chron job that polls the sensors and posts the data to my site.

I don’t remember exactly how I got from point a to point b but I can take a look at my notes in the morning and see if I can find the libraries I used.

Ok, so now that I have seen:

my interest is really peaked. I am wondering if I could get a pi and integrate it into smartthings and then utilize that data for automations.

Anyone’s thoughts???

Hi Michaela,

Your website is amazing. Can you provide any hints for someone who wants to do something similar?