Has anyone tried Xiaomi Plants Sensor Soil Water Light Monitor?

Has anyone tried Xiaomi Plants Sensor Soil Water Light Monitor with Smartthings?

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I’m looking for the same…

This may be a way forwards, bridging the openHab to SmartThings (if possible). I may investigate it when I have some time.

Did you get anywhere with this?

Also keen to get a DH for this product.

Yes please. Unfortunately not a programme so struggling to figure out openHAB. Any luck with a (simple) DH?

if it can be useful I found this:https://wiki.hackerspace.pl/projects:xiaomi-flora

I started a project around these that I never fully finished, but I’m going to put the idea out there with the hopes that a better person can execute.

I have these linked to a Rasberry Pi, and collecting data and then forwarding the data via both MQTT and REST API.

I used this as a reference for the code on the Pi: https://github.com/ThomDietrich/miflora-mqtt-daemon

You can run your MQTT/APi Server for free here: https://beebotte.com

I just need someone to be able to create a device handler that takes this data in.

I tried this the following link, as a means of a pseudo device handler, but I didn’t love it: https://community.webcore.co/t/release-value-tiles-dth-for-displaying-webcore-variables-stats-in-a-thing/4725

Any updates on a device handler for this? They have a light sensor built in which might be handy too.

Just found these too. I’d be interested in these.

I’ve been using WirelessTag.net and they’re ok, work well for a while then die. But, they’re cheap.

Would also like to know if its possible to have a DH for Xiaomi Vegtrug (plantsensor) would be amazing!