Quirky Nimbus

@twack Have you played around with the Quirky Nimbus at all? I’m bidding on one on ebay right now. I thought it might be cool to get it synced up with SmartThings and display some things that way. Just a thought since I know you got the other Quircky devices working.



I have all the quirky devices working. They just did not get released by ST yet. The Spotter did get released today though.

Right now the nimbus integration only displays the 4 active dials data in SmartThings. It is not sending data the other way yet. I’m working on the alarm and sending info from ST to the Nimbus in the next few weeks.


Thanks @twack! That’s very exciting!! I won the eBay item last night, so it should be in my hands middle of next week.

Thanks again!

Got my Nimbus today. Can’t wait to get it connected to SmartThings. It’s a well built little device! I was a little worried after hearing about the Spotter.

@twack hi I so also have a Nimbus and I Was wondering if You had come around getting it to work with smartthings? Thanks!

I am waiting for this as well. Is there any way to get the Nimbus functionality available outside of the labs release process to perhaps speed this up? From other posts, it is my impression that the functionality is ready to go.

Any update on quirky nimbus?

They mentioned it was ready during the office hours call this week. I still can’t find it. @Ben do you know when and where the app will be for this?

To clarify, @wackware said it was readt for review but we have not approved it yet. Soon.

Any idea on when this might get approved? Seems like it has been hanging out there for a while if @wackware submitted around the end of April…

Similar question: is it possible to see what’s in the queue for approval? About half my scripts are coming from Git…