PlantLink is shipping!

(Chrisb) #1

So PlantLink is finally shipping.

I should have mine in about a week or so. My understanding is that the links should be compatible with SmartThings directly out of the box. They use Zigbee and should communicate directly to the SmartThings Hub. I see that there is a PlantLink device type already, so this appears to be the correct information.

Do we know what we can do with these yet? Primarily I’m looking for the links to tell me when the soil for my specific plants are dry and need watering. I know that plantlink can do much more than this, but this is the primary thing I’m looking for. Anyone know if SmartThings will be able to do that? I’m debating whether to connect right to SmartThings or whether I should use the PlantLinks Hub.

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(Cory S) #2

It seems like on a very basic level the plant link could simply trigger a valve in smartthings to turn on your sprinklers. I am fairly interested in something like this for my lawn and home garden.

(Todd Wackford) #3

Yeah! I’ve been waiting for these babies for a long time now. Better get my SmartThings sprinkler controller out of it’s box and put some juice to it. Perfect timing too. My landscape designer is suppose to be done this weekend.



“SmartThings sprinkler controller” @twack? Do tell.

I’ve been considering Blue Spray or Irrigation Caddy, but now you’ve got my curiosity peeked. Watering season is approaching, so this is timely.

(Re D Da Wg On E) #5

This is exactly what I was looking for!

Trying not to over water here in CA for our drought.

(Chrisb) #6

I asked OSO about the plantlink and SmartThings integration. It appears that while the links (and possibly the value when it’s available later) will communicate directly with SmartThings, it’s still pretty limited. It does NOT appear as if you will be able to use any of the PlantLink cloud stuff if you’re linking through SmartThings at this time.

Thanks for reaching out! We're excited too!

We’re still working on refining our integration with SmartThings. At this time, the data the SmartThings hub will receive from our Links will be of very little value for you. So, to answer your question, yes, if you use the SmartThings hub instead of our Basestation, you will lose the advanced functionality of our product.

So sorry for the delay on SmartThings integration, but I hope you enjoy using PlantLink! Please don’t hesitate to reach out with more questions or comments - we would love your feedback!

My guess is that you’ll get pretty limited data from the links… probably just soil moisture content. The PlantLink Cloud allows you to specify what plant the sensor is by which will then tell you if the moisture is right for that plant type and alert you if it’s too high or too low. If you use SmartThings you’d have to do this with a smartapp and come up with all those figures yourself.

(Andrew Urman) #7

We’re working with them. The way it will work is we will read a value from the Link, send to PlantLinks cloud, they will calculate the proper info and then sends it back to us. So you would still get the awesome PlantLink clouds features.

(Todd Wackford) #8

Here is the proto I made almost a year ago. Boring little clip but sure was fun to make.


(Chrisb) #9


We’re working with them. The way it will work is we will read a value from the Link, send to PlantLinks cloud, they will calculate the proper info and then sends it back to us. So you would still get the awesome PlantLink clouds features.

That was really what I was hoping to hear! I was hoping that the ST hub would sorta pass thru to the PlantLink Cloud. Great news!

(Mark B) #10

My PlanLink kit just arrived. Certainly was easy to install as standalone. Has anybody else received theirs and successfully figured out how to incorporate into their SmartThings world yet? I’m not sure what can be expected at this point? Thoughts? Success stories? Other?

(Chrisb) #11

Mine are due to arrive Monday. I think I’m going to setup through SmartThings. But I dunno when. We’re still hovering around the freezing mark here in Michigan.

(Todd Wackford) #12


How did you find the delivery date for yours?


(Chrisb) #13


Sorry… I was getting confused with another package I’m expecting Monday.

I have received my email that the package is coming and the tracking number on it says that it’s left the shipping facility, but not expected date yet.

(Chrisb) #14

Okay, I did end up getting my Base station and links yesterday. Unfortunately I also got got my Ubi yesterday (bought it off eBay) and I had to work late, and I had to stop at the Post Office on my way home… so my “play time” last night wasn’t extensive and most of it was devoted to the Ubi.

I did setup one of my links with SmartThings. It paired okay. I held down the ‘button’ on the link while initiating pairing mode in the Mobile App. It saw it okay and added it as an unknown device. I edited it in the IDE and changed it to plantlink. Data appears to be pushing through to SmartThings, though it’s mostly jibberish. Just a long string of numbers. And nothing is displayed in the device display on SmartThings yet, so it isn’t really usable right now through SmartThings. Hopefully tonight or tomorrow night I’ll have some time to setup the PlantLink Hub and play around with it.

(Tim Sams) #15

Hey folks, Tim from Oso here.

As Andrew stated above, we’ve been working together on the integration for a little while now.

The way we see it working is this:
-You’ll pair your PlantLinks with your SmartThings hub, so that you only have to use one hub.
-The SmartThings App or module for PlantLink will integrate cloud to cloud so that you can still use our PlantLink dashboard if you so choose.
-The valve, when it’s ready to go, will also work on your SmartThings hub.

Hope that clarifies things a little! We’re totally excited about integrating with SmartThings.

Feel free to reach out to if you have more specific questions.

(Re D Da Wg On E) #16

Anyone have an update on the integration? I just got my Plantlink and would like to get it to work with SmartThings.

(Brad) #17

@samsoso Is there a possibility of just ordering the links without the hub since it sounds like SmartThings can work as the hub on it’s own?

(Brad) #18

I got a reply on twitter and you can order just the Links here.

(Jonathan) #19

…but I suspect you need a PlantLink account for all of this to work (I understand they’ll be interpreting the data from the sensors). You currently need a PlantLink hub serial number to accomplish that.

Cheers, Jonathan

(Brad) #20

@badgermanus good point but hopefully once the SmartThings integration is ready that process will change. Either that or I guess I’ll end up buying a hub anyway.