Nortek open-close sensor delayed response

Copying some text from a conversation in the Facebook group:

I think this is a bug as it just started happening for me:
I have a few of the Go-Control door sensors (Nortek Open/Closed Sensor) that were working fine until today, Now they are always showing Open regardless of the door position, if you close the door they will pulse closed in the app for a second and then register as open even though the reed switch is closed in the sensor.
If I open and close a door that is showing closed (one that hasn’t been used for a while) it starts to exhibit the same behaviour)
Wondering if anyone else is experiencing this?
Note: I also excluded and re-added the sensors (more than one) numerous times with the same results

I can confirm the same with my one operating Nortek sensor - I think that just migrated over on Monday. No issue with my ZigBee sensors that have been running an Edge driver for some time. It was working fine on Monday during the day. After I opened it tonight, it showed closed then immediately back to open. It “caught up” after 20+ minutes.

I switched it to the z-wave sensor Edge driver from @philh30 . The sensor immediately showed as closed (and no motion :man_shrugging:t3:). Will try switching back in a day or two if I remember to see if the stock driver is fixed.

Correction - they must have been in the process of transitioning this afternoon because I have 3 fewer devices on DTH than I did earlier today. When I looked at my second (offline) sensor of this type about an hour ago it was still on a DTH, and now it’s on a driver.

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Hi Mark, did you find a solution yet? I have this exact same issue at the same time it happened to you with the Gocontrol/nortek contact sensors.

UPDATE: got it from another thread, but the masquerade driver from phil30 works.

The Z-wave masquerade driver is working better for me than the z wave sensor from the same channel. I was traveling last week so I haven’t had a chance to submit a support request to ST and get them the driver logs, etc that I know they’ll want.

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Can’t believe more people are not having issue with this. The gocontrol bundles from amazon awhile back were really cheap.

Finally! I found a thread for Nortek issues. All three of my door sensors are doing this. Did you find a solution? How do you even change the driver? When I select change driver it says none are available

Follow the link in the first post. The first post in the thread tells you how to enroll in a channel and install a driver. The one you want is Z-wave Masquerade. After it’s installed, you can select that driver from the device menu.