Linear WADWAZ-1 Z Wave door contact sensor stops working

Since some time recently, all my door contact sensors stopped working. They are still connected, but not working as normal. After door opens, the sensor status will change to open as normal, but when I close the door, the status will briefly change to close, then immediately change back to open, then it will keep status open while the door is actually closed for hours, then change status to closed. Have tried to remove one sensor and add it back, can’t fix the issue. When I click the sensor device in Smartthings app, it always pops up a warning message “This device hasn’t updated all of its status information yet”. Any idea about how to fix it? Thanks!

Several people have run into this recently when their sensor was converted to the stock edge driver, but it turned out They had a brand/model that didn’t use the standard method of sending the “closed” notification.

So the first thing we need to know is the brand and model, because the fix may be different for different models, depending on the exact messaging they use. It will probably just be a matter of using a different edge driver, but which driver will depend on the brand/model.

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Thanks for the info. Those sensors are Linear WADWAZ-1.

Same issue. Any update?

There are already multiple threads on this model, but since it’s sold under several different brand names, you may not have seen them. (They all use the same model number, though.)

Anyway, talk to the people in the following thread, they should have some suggestions:

Nortek open-close sensor delayed response

Thank you very much! The new driver works perfectly!

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