Noonlight emergency notification 911-like service

Anyone heard of or using noonlight (formerly called safetrek), i had never heard of it. just saw an ifttt applet for wyzecam motion/fire/co to trigger noonlight. they (a human) will call (&/or text?) you then send help if you don’t respond with your PIN. they have an app too, from what i understand if you are in shady situation you start the app, hold the button down, if you release button and don’t enter PIN, they send police. another mode you start a timer, when it expires and you don’t type PIN, they send police.

connects to some other devices/apps, it works with alexa of course… google home, ifttt and nest too.

via webcore and ifttt, shm could trigger police or fire dept for $2.99 per month if the right info was passed to them.

their name is quite frustrating to type with spellchecking though

I think I’d be more likely to call them a panic button service then a 911 service, but they get decent reviews. Canary just partnered with them, which is a good sign.

They used to be called safetrek. I know some universities use them.

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That’s pretty interesting! $3 a month isn’t too bad

btw, Noonlight vs. Noon Home. Close names, totally different products/services.

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ya, i wasn’t quite sure what to call them. they are kind of like onstar as well. someone to call 911 for you if you can’t

Glad somebody brought this up. Nate here from (the wired alarm system integration for SmartThings).
I’ve been in touch with the team at Noonlight for a while now because as you can imagine, monitoring and alarm system integrations go hand in hand. I’m really impressed with the tech and the process that Noonlight has built and recently decided to partner with them to bring more 24/7 professional monitoring solutions to the SmartThings and home automation world.
I’ve been holding off on making an official announcement because we’re not quite ready yet, but you beat me to the punch!
As I said, I’ve partnered with Noonlight and am currently working on building a SmartApp to integrate their monitoring service into SmartThings. Essentially it will work as a “virtual switch” that you can automate to turn on when you need help. The typical use cases would be via Smart Home Monitor to turn on the Noonlight when an intrusion or smoke detection event occurs.

Here’s the very preliminary SmartApp and device handler code that you can load into your IDE:

IMPORTANT NOTE: This integration IS NOT complete. Currently it’s pointing to a test/sandbox version of Noonlight’s API and WILL NOT INITIATE A REAL EMERGENCY RESPONSE. This is for testing and feedback purposes only. When triggering the Noonlight virtual switch, you will get an automated text message only.

So now that the cat’s out of the bag, I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on this idea.
One thing that we’re working on that is NOT yet in this release is allowing Noonlight to have some context of your Smart Home (i.e. which doors have been opened, motion detected, presence, etc) via the SmartApp so that their trained emergency response agents can better assist.


This integration is now live! Read my blog post announcement here:


I’ve created a RELEASE post and discussion topic for this integration here:

Really interested in hearing all of your feedback on this!