Noonlight and the new app

Is there a way to set up noonlight security and SHM in the new app?

The new app’s security feature is now called STHM, not SHM.

Anyway… There was a very recent update which now allows you to do more with STHM then you could before. But I don’t know if that makes noonlight integration possible.

@heythisisnate might know. :sunglasses:

Ok, where is it located in the app? Cant seem to find…

Click on + in the upper right of the screen and choose Add Smartapp. Also, STHM is region locked in the new app so it may not be available to every country.

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Geez,as soon as I typed it, i found it

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Looks like there is noonlight integration, thankfully!
There response time is first rate, had a false alarm last nite and they called within 20 seconds.


How does everyone like Noonlight?

Great service, I’ve accidentally tripped my alarm a couple of times and they called within 4-6 seconds.