Noonlight and the new app

Is there a way to set up noonlight security and SHM in the new app?

The new app’s security feature is now called STHM, not SHM.

Anyway… There was a very recent update which now allows you to do more with STHM then you could before. But I don’t know if that makes noonlight integration possible.

@heythisisnate might know. :sunglasses:

Ok, where is it located in the app? Cant seem to find…

Click on + in the upper right of the screen and choose Add Smartapp. Also, STHM is region locked in the new app so it may not be available to every country.

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Geez,as soon as I typed it, i found it

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Looks like there is noonlight integration, thankfully!
There response time is first rate, had a false alarm last nite and they called within 20 seconds.


How does everyone like Noonlight?

Great service, I’ve accidentally tripped my alarm a couple of times and they called within 4-6 seconds.

Do you subscribe to Noonlight and then use the smartapp to trigger alarm events?
Also can you please share cost to subscribe for Noonlight service, website says .25/ mo per user…
Seems like a great deal!

I think you must’ve been looking at the pricing for large institutions like universities and hospitals. The regular price depends on the exact features you choose, but can be as high as $10 per month.

Thats the set up I use. Its $10 a month.

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How are you configuring the Noonlight device in the new app? In classic it was available as a siren but I’m not seeing that in the new app.

It works fine in the new app.

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Thanks for your reply.

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Where are you accessing noonlight in the new app?

You need to add the dth and smartapp from the ide, but you can use it normally after that

can you show step by step, struggle to do it in new smartthing. i manually create a device but it show offline. i already update latest konnected-io : Noonlight in smartthing smart app and my device handler