Non Z-Wave Switch That Function Mechanically Like a Z-Wave Switch

I was wondering if anyone is aware of normal (non Z-Wave) light switch that functions mechanically like a Z-Wave Switch, meaning that no matter if it is in an on or off state it always “rests” at center. I’ll explain what i am trying to do. I have quite a few 2 gang boxes in my house, at roughly $35 a switch that adds up to $70 for 1, 2-gang box. I am hoping to use 1, 2-relay micro switch in each box, also roughly $35. That will allow me to control both switches in the 2-gang box. my only issue is the switches can become “out of sync” with the light. because these are just the normal switches that are currently in the box. I was hoping someone here knew about a switch out there that works like a z-wave switch without the z-wave functionality, basically a switch that doesn’t show its current state. hopefully for $10 or under a piece. that would but a 2 gang installation at approx $55 VS $70 for 2 Z-Wave Switches.

How are your switches becoming out of sync? Can you describe in more detail?

I’m not an electrician, but I don’t see how what you’re describing could work unless the switch itself has a relay built into it.

Decora and legrand paddles can be hacked into momentary push button switches for use with micro controllers that support push buttons.



I am with @marktheknife the switches really don’t get out of sync unless you are referring to the physical position of the switch. Any time you move the switch up or down it simply toggles the input of the smart switch regardless of the position. So basically it will act like a typical 3-way switch works in the sense the position of the switch could be UP and the light actually be OFF. So if that is a concern then go with what @Mike_Maxwell suggests and modify your switches to be momentary inputs so then they never will be in a physical position that is out of “sync”

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Yes, the switch being up and the light being off is what I was referring to as out of sync. My plan is to mostly use my Google home and Logitech Harmony hub for the automated control of the lights. But there are those times that kids are sleeping and you don’t want to yell at Google to turn off your lights. It looks like Mike’s solution is exactly what I’m looking for… thanks all.

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OK, I tried this out this weekend. I’m not 100% sure what the problem I’m having is. I’m using an enerwave z-wave 2 relay switch module. I modified legrand paddel switches to work as momentary switches as shown in the videos above. I checked them and they did function as momentary switches. But after wiring in the switch module they still functioned as momentary. Leading me to believe the enerwave z-wave module doesn’t accept momentary input. Can someone tell me if I’m correct in assuming this?