Better looking smart switch options

Has anybody had any luck or have looked for different smart switch choices? I’ve only really ever seen the GE switches and the generic derivatives of those. They’re ok, but a little bland and a bit utilitarian IMO. I know Legrand has the Adorne series but they don’t seem to be smart and are quite expensive. Thanks All!

You might be interested in this. And oldie but a goodie! Plenty of in-wall relays and dimmers now that can work with your existing switches if you’d prefer.

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Any certified zwave Switch which is NOT a “local scene Controller” has a good chance of working with SmartThings, at least for basic on/off/dim. Most companies make a pretty standard looking rocker switch, but there are some exceptions.

As with the LeGrand hack shown above, if you use an in wall micro like an Aeotec or Fibaro you can use any momentary switch that you like with good results.

As far as all in one units, Eaton Cooper makes the Aspire line in two styles, one curved and one straight-line, which come in a variety of colors and are popular with decorators. ( you don’t need their controllers, he will use the smartthings hub instead.) I personally like their silver granite color. They have their own line of screwless cover plates which have a nice clean look.


At our house we ended up using Lutron Caseta for engineering reasons. Not everybody likes that look though. But you can get those in white, black, or Almond. And you can get custom engraving if you’re willing to pay a little more.


I do like the LeGrand with a micro the best, but they didn’t fit my budget. :disappointed_relieved:


Thanks you guys. As always the community comes up with an answer swiftly. I’ll have to look more into the Aspire line. Adorne + separate z-wave device is way too cost prohibitive, although very cool concept.

That being said, the Aspire line isn’t all that cheap either.

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