Non-Smart Switch like GE Style?

Does anyone know of any standard paddle switches that are the same style as the GE zwave switches? I’m looking for a paddle that is the same push style that doesn’t stay in it’s on/off state. I didn’t see any at Lowes.

I don’t think you’ll find many. Non-network switches typically work by locking into place in either the on or the off position.

You can find “momentary” or “retractable” switches that are not networked and do the same return-to- a-neutral – position behavior, but they don’t normally look like a typical rocker. They are usually used for machines or automotive SPDT use cases where you want three control states: forward/off/reverse or up/off/down.

That said, there are some, but you have to know what you’re looking for. These will usually be called “single pole, double throw, center off” switches, or SPD T Center off. Or SPDT on/off/on. Depending on the manufacturer.

Graingier does have some made by Hubbell that are toggles designed for 120v$smthumb$

Leviton also has some three position toggle switches. Check the product description as carefully as most of these are intended for gates or industrial uses, not 120 V. But they do make some.

And they even make some in a rocker format. Again, check the voltage specs.

I think Cooper may have some as well.

So these exist, but you’re going to have to search pretty hard for them.

Of course you could also just buy the Z wave switch and not add it to your network. It should still work manually. :wink:

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Not exactly what you’re asking for but the best looking “dumb” switches that I’ve found that are readily available at Lowe’s and Home Depot are the Lutron Maestro dimmers. The top and bottom don’t stick out like the GE switches do but I think they look OK side by side.


Yea, I saw those at Lowes and agreed that was the closest to what I was looking for, but I was hoping to find something cheap. Looks like it might not happen.

I have a 4 way connected to 2 hue white lights (which I bought because I was trying to save a few bucks) and to get full WAF, she wants all paddles.