Regular paddle switches that look like GE Smart Switch

I have a 4-gang switch box and I only need two switches to be “smart.” Are there any “dumb” paddle switches that look similar to the all the GE decorator paddle switches? I’d like the paddle section to at least be similar without such a deep curve in the middle like most regular decorator switches.

GE has identical decora paddle switches but they don’t have the blue led.

You could always keep your dumb switchs and run a dual relay behind the switches, it’s alot cheaper and you don’t hafta change out your switches, I used the monoprice dual relay with no issues:

Just out of curiosity, how does these handle syncing of switches? For example, if I put this on just a single poll switch and then:

Turn on the switch via SmartThings (physical switch is in the off position), and then flip the physical switch to the on position? Will it turn the light off or leave it on until you flip the physical switch back to off?

Based on your scenario the light will turn off when you put the switch in the “ON” position, so it acts like a double pole switch(if that makes sense). I would say that’s the only drawback to the relay.

Gotcha. Yeah, that would be a deal breaker for my family I think. I do use a Remotec Relay with my gas fireplace that has a similar setup to this, but it knows the position of the switch. That is, in my scenario above flipping the switch to on when the fireplace is already on will do nothing. Flipping back to off with turn off the relay.

But the Remotec is bigger than the micro you linked.

FWIW, Z-wave switches aren’t that much more expensive than that relay anymore either.

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I’ve got cooper paddle switches beside G.E. switches and they look identical aside from the led.

I went to Home Depot this weekend and found that the Leviton Decora Preferred Single Pole match the GE perfectly, even with the middle angle of the switch.

Old topic, but always relevant! @leanbarton are these the ones you refer to?

They look like it, but you can’t really tell online.