Wall switch comperable to leviton dzs15 “button/toggle” rocker design

Leviton DZS15 Alternatives!

Hello all I’m looking for a replacement for the now discontinued Leviton DZS15, I have a number of these and they work great with ST and I more specifically like the “toggle” design vs a traditional rocker

I have a few of the newer dz15s-1bz and have constant problems of status updates stopping to ST - which the traditional rocker switch design


I use these that I get from Lowes - I too prefer the toggle design. I have been trying to find some of the newer model, which include the button/double tap feature, but haven’t had any luck yet.


I think you guys are talking about two different things.

@mtuckman is right that GE/Jasco still makes switches in the traditional toggle format.

In this picture, a toggle is on the left and a rocker is on the right.


However, since Leviton never made the DZS 15 in a toggle format, I believe with the OP is referring to is a “retractive” or “momentary contact” paddle switch where instead of pressing on the top for on and the bottom for off, you just press once each time, usually at the bottom.


Leviton was always an outlier in this regard and now that they’ve switched over to rocker, I don’t think there’s anyone making Z wave switches in the retractive format.

However, what you can do is get any of the in wall micros. There are good ones made by Aeotec, Fibaro, and Qubino and budget ones made by vision, among others. They fit inside the lightbox.

Then you can use any switch you want with those, including retractive switches. There are still nonnetworked retractive switches made in a single gang format , particularly for garbage disposals, so you should be able to find one to use with the micro. :sunglasses:

Here’s a typical one from Pass and Seymour where you press at the top. There are lots of brands, though, including ones where you press at the bottom, this just happens to be when I’m familiar with. Again, this is not a networked switch, so you have to use it with an in wall micro to get it automated. But I just put this here to give you an idea. Although they call it a “rocker” they mean, like the Leviton DZS15, that it should blend in a home that is using other rocker switches, but it’s a momentary and you only press at the top, never at the bottom.


Unfortunately, I’m still not feeling very well, so I may not post much more today. However, The micros are very popular in the community so lots of people can answer any following questions you might have.

Make sure you specify whether you are looking for one that looks like a regular switch or whether you are open to other styles like a push button or a touch panel.

@anon36505037 is in England so he is using different brands of switches, but the same micros. He has done his whole house with them so he can probably answer a lot of questions. @mike_maxwell is in the US and has done a lot, although he favors Legrand buttons for the switch part. But he might be able to comment on US wiring issues. Or there are a lot of other community members who do you have the inwall micros so if you do have a lot of questions about those you could start a new thread with that in the topic name.

Good luck! I know how frustrating it is when you have a device that you really like and then the manufacturer discontinues it. :rage:

These are some of the LeGrand buttons that Mike likes. They come in many different colors and finishes, but Mostly the square button type. So just another option. But again, you should be able to use just about any “momentary” dumb switch for the front and then the micro inside for the automation.

Again, the OP is using the word “toggle” in a different way. They mean a momentary paddle switch.


You know what I am reffering to…

Yes, I know, but that form factor isn’t anything like the Leviton DZS15 which the OP is trying to replace. Which looks like this:

The Zooz model that you linked to is indeed what we usually call a “toggle switch.”

But I believe that when the OP said “toggle” they actually meant “momentary retractive paddle.” Something that looks a lot like a rocker, but where you always press the same place on the switch whether you want it to turn on or off.

That’s not the same thing either. :disappointed_relieved: That’s a rocker switch. You press the top to turn on and the bottom to turn off. That’s the most popular style in zwave switches right now.

However, the older Leviton model which the OP wants to match is the style where instead of pressing at the top to turn on and the bottom to turn off, you always press at the bottom. And the functionality toggles. So if it’s on and you press on the bottom of the switch, it turns off. If it’s off and you press on the bottom of the switch, it turns on.

At least there is an option.

@lmosenko Well crap - Wish this thread had started a week ago could have saved myself some money!

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thanks everyone - I wasn’t thinking much about relays a I had to re-wire this whole house as it was using low voltage relays (I never heard of it either, it was a system popular for 6 months when this house was built apperantly) - in terms of form factor and function the garbage disposal switch + relay is probably the closest combo - of course needless to say the almond face plate variant is massively back ordered on amazon :slight_smile:

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so here is a silly question, would this https://www.amazon.com/Leviton-VP0SR-1LZ-Digital-Matching-Remote/dp/B001HSYT3S/ref=pd_sim_60_4?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B001HSYT3S&pd_rd_r=DG8ZDSY30RKTEX8349BN&pd_rd_w=d3Pyt&pd_rd_wg=vhjaD&psc=1&refRID=DG8ZDSY30RKTEX8349BN

PLUS relay work as well?

It’s not a silly question, but I don’t know the answer. I haven’t heard of anyone using it that way.

These are designed to communicate with the master by a physical traveler wire, so I suppose it’s possible you could get the relays that use physical traveler wires to recognize it as an auxiliary. Which would be sort of a weird way to do it but might work. But I’m not an electrical expert. Maybe @Navat604 or one of the other electricians in the community would have an idea.

to clarify - using the addon + relay in a stand alone configuration, not 3 way

Right, I understood what you meant. I just meant that physically to make the Leviton add on switch work with, say, an Aeotec micro relay you might have to wire the Micro to the load inside the Wall and then wire the Leviton add on to the micro as though it were in a three-way configuration even though there is no physical master switch on the wall. Just the micro inside the wall. The Leviton add on switches are not intended for load control, they just work as a remote to their master switch.

In contrast, because the garbage disposal switches are intended to control a load, they would get wired to the micro directly.

It’s just a possible wiring difference that occurs to me because of the different purposes of these switches, but I might be wrong. Again, I know a lot about the devices and how they communicate with the network , but not necessarily the wiring between them. :wink:

:sunglasses:<=== network engineer, not an electrician

hi all, just wanted to ping this thead in case anybody had any thoughts, I managed to find one dzs15 in stock without paying too crazy a markup, but they otherwise seem gone for good - any more thoughts on using the add-on style switches + relay combo? thanks

I don’t have a VP0SR-1LZ switch to try it out to verify so you have to ask the manufacture or get one and measure it yourself. just put the meter on neutral and traveler and see what kind of voltage is when pressing the switch. I know the Aeon nano detects multiple type of inputs so very high chance this will be a good combo.