Dumb Switches similar to GE/Jasco smart paddle switches?

Wondering if there are any non-smart light switches that are similar in look and feel to the GE/Jasco switches. Now that I have upgraded various switches to be smart, I would love to find some standard paddle switches that have the same look and “click” feel but in parts of my house that don’t nessesary need smart switches.

That’s an excellent question, but I think the short answer’s going to be no because the smart switches are momentary switches. They rest in the neutral position. The dumb switches will rest in the up position for on and the down position for off. So they are going to look and feel a little different.

For one thing, dumb switches generally have a deeper angle because of the physical latching required to hold the switch in one position or the other.

For Another, dumb switches are not going to have the indicator lights or air gap or some of the other design features of the smart switches, so they will look a little different.

But you can look at some and see. I think the following would probably be be the closest to the GE smart rocker. But again, it’s going to rest in a different position and have a different feel because you are physically locking the relay.

I’d also note that just looking at pictures online is not going to really show you the differences the way they would look installed. You might want to just go to Home Depot and look.

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I have 10+ GE paddle dimmers, about 5 GE paddle add-ons (3 ways), and the rest are just standard Leviton paddles that you can get for $2:

They don’t make a loud “click” so they act a little more like the GE’s and the price is right.


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Dude, that has gotta be the most in depth answer I’ve seen based on the level of that question.
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It’s not OCD; I’m an engineer. :wink:


The Levitons mentioned above is what I used but eventually ended up changing every single switch to GEs…well, I do still have 4 dumb motion combos holding on for dear life!