Non smart LED bulb recommendations for Garage Door Opener Lights?

It’s great that led bulbs are capable of producing light comparable to incandescent bulbs using much less wattage. However, I’m looking to take advantage of the lower wattage to brighten up my garage door opener lights. Unfortunately, the different 20+ watt led bulbs I’ve tried are too big to close the cover on the fixtures.

Does anyone know of super bright led bulbs that are close to standard incandescent size? I’m more worried about the length and width of tip vs size of base. The ones I’ve tried are 2400 lumens.

Have you tried any of the Cree bulbs yet (not the smart ones)?

That’s what I have everywhere, including our garage door opener. I’m using daylights in ours.

What’s the current bulb specification?

I like the following for garage lights as it’s only 20 W but very bright, 2400 lm, and is a low flush mount design, but it means replacing the fixture.

Sorry, should have specified A19.

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I agree with @johnconstantelo …almost all my A19’s are Cree and fit just like the originals incandescents or CFLs.

Indeed and there’s a whole slew of a19 led filament bulbs on Amazon. I know because I had to find a19 clear daylight led filament dimmable for my bathroom fixtures… (apparently warm white sucks for makeup…)


What’s wrong with Philips Hue? I use it. :slight_smile:

I think hes putting these in his garage door opener. That means in most cases power would be cut to the bulb.

Missus complains about this every day. :wink:

FYI be mindful that the LED bulbs can cause interference for remotes. When I first switched over to LED bulbs in my opener I could not use the remote unless I was almost right at the garage door. I don’t remember which brand they were just basic LEDs I got at lowes. Never consider they would cause an issue. I bought a Genie brand which is specifically made for garage door openers and didn’t have any more issues. They are a bit expensive though.

I think some are missing my point. I’m not really looking for a “100 watt” replacement. I often work on various project in the garage and I’m looking for a lot more light. I’ve tried a couple of 20-23 watt LEDs that are equivalent to 150+ watt incandescent.

I also do not want or need smart bulbs for this application.

I also really don’t want to replace the garage door openers just to get more light. Yes, I know I can put more fixtures in, etc.

Are there cree bulbs that are that bright?

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Who makes your opener? Some companies have listing of bulbs that are compatible with their openers. That’s not to say that a bulb not on the list won’t work. But if you want to be 100% sure that it will, use one on the list. Also, using a bulb not on the list will most likely void your warranty. For example:

That’s Chamberlain’s (they make Craftsman, Liftmaster and Chamberlain openers) listing for compatible bulbs/openers. If you have an older opener, you’re out of luck.

But how long is your opener light bulb on really? I don’t think i’ve changed the bulb in mine and I’ve lived in my house for 7 years. And it’s just an incandescent.

I’ve used many different bulbs in my 14 year old Genie opener. In fact, it has a lifetime warranty and I recently had to replace the control board and the Genie rep never asked me what kind of bulbs I was using. I’m pretty sure they’re worried about you putting hotter incandescent bulbs into a fixture only rated to 60 watts or so. I’m only talking about 20-25 watt leads which in my experience do not get near as hot as even 40 watt incandescent bulbs. Just asking if anyone has seen a higher lumen bulb that is close to standard size.

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Like I said:

But like I said…how much electricity is an LED in a garage opener going to save you in the long run? I’m saving my old salvaged incandecents for use-cases like this. That way they still get used and don’t go in the landfill before they’re dead. And right now I have a box full of them because the damn opener doesn’t burn through bulbs at all. You also have to think about the switching method that is entailed by these openers. They might not be conducive to the electronics in your bulb. I have enough trouble without trying to cause more.

And anyways, this is the ST forum and not the Chamberlain forum. This is not a ST related question.

There’s no chance that this was due to the fact that you were using an LED bulb? I mean, they didn’t ask you about it but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t the cause. Control boards don’t just blow for no reason out of nowhere.

I’m not going to get into an argument over this. If you can’t make a recommendation to the actual question I’m asking, please abstain from this thread.

I did…i asked what brand of opener you had, you didn’t say. And my recommendation was to check with them. Have a nice day.

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Your assumption is incorrect. They are also “worried about” LED bulbs causing interference significantly reducing the range and reliability of your remote and wireless keypads. The references previously supplied explain just that.

Now you can keep ignoring that, or you could look for a CFL solution that provides a lot of lumens with decent energy efficiency but will not interfere with the remote.

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Ok then, how about recommendations for high lumen CFL bulbs that fit in the space allotted? Most of the 23 watt ones I find are pretty large.

Also, according to Genie, who makes my garage door opener, the issue with LEDs is simply interference. In fact, they make their own line of LED bulbs for openers that are rf friendly. That being said, the ones I’ve been using have not noticeably affected my range.

I suspect the 140+ degrees it gets in my garage during the summers are what did in that almost 14 year old control board, not the LEDs. But, I’ll relent to yours and Ryan’s wisdom. Obviously you’ve researched a bit more.