Dumb LED A19 Dimmable Warm White Bulbs $1.24 at Lowes YMMV

Dumb LED A19 Dimmable Warm White Bulbs $1.24 at Lowes pick up only
8.5 watts 800 lumens

Try different locations as YMMV


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anyone using these, do they work pretty well? no buzzing, are they warm as advertised?

Awesome! Just bought all 41 that was at my local store. At that price, cant pass it up.

Well, “someone” had these hidden behind a refrigerator, under the bin and behind empty boxes at Lowes…Got there a little after 6am because I figured the likelihood of them being available after I got off work would be slim to none.

Will have to see how they work out. I got about 16 3000k dimmables that I do not like the light they put off and they flicker sometimes so…

Anyway, thanks for the head up!

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What’s the verdict on these? Still showing available for $1.24 with shipping available. Thinking about snagging enough to do a 15 off 50, maybe an iris motion sensor as well and replacing any I have that aren’t LED and doing same at folks house.

I bought some a few weeks ago. Realized I really like 2700K; these at 3000K are noticeably cold/blue compared to other bulbs in the room. I put one in an outside lamp that has motion sensor, dim to bright when motion (not smart/zwave). Anyway, in that lamp the dim mode seems like these bulbs are on about 85%, so it basically looks like it is on all night instead of just dim until motion.

[Rant on]
I’m frustrated with (LED) bulbs in general, I long for the days of going to the store and only having to decide wattage, come home with box of bulbs for decent price, screw in bulb and get nice color full on dimmed all the way to 0. Now there are 1000 “choices” at store, only 1% of them are dimmable, and only one of those has nice color, oh and it is $15, per bulb and it flickers…
[Rant off]