Non smart connected thermostat recs

I have zWave Honeywell thermostat that worked ok for a little bit, but has a few issues. My hvac guy hates the nest and smart thermostats in general; so, any recommendations of thermostats I can control via ST but aren’t “smart”?

Does your HVAC guy live in your house? If not, I wouldn’t let what he does/doesn’t like dictate what you get. It’s not like smart t’stats cause damage to your equipment. Most people who have good ones are quite happy with them. I’ve had a pair of Ecobee3 units for around 3 years now and they’ve performed flawlessly.


Zen Thermostat does that. It’s not smart but is zigbee enabled and supported by ST.

Hmm. How I was tortured with it Honeywell RTH 6360 from the time of purchase…constant temperature drops,voltage failures ohhh…My master advised me 9580 or 9585. I bought 9580 and all my nerves are fine now. This thermostat is an easy and straightforward replacement for any preexisting home thermostat. It will save you money and hassle from the start. When I chose 9580, I red this article…-9585-vs-9320/. Are you welcome.