Current thermostats - issues

I’m searching for thermostat that pairs easily with SmartThings. I just installed Trane Z Wave , but the minimum temp is to high (55 degrees). They have NO customer support, and refer you to dealers, who don’t know zwave thermostats. Honeywell makes zwave tstat, but reviewers on Amazon report many problems, Anyone having luck with their z wave or ZigBee tstats?

Does it have to be zwave or zigbee? In different locations I have use ecobee and honeywell Wifi thermostats and work well with smarthings. Never had an issue.

At the moment Heatmiser stats don’t directly connect to ST but you can use ifttt for basic control, Heatmiser do indicate they are working on st integration but who knows, Heatmiser stats do also need there own hub but once installed you then get phone app control

Using ifttt ,ST and a smart sensor you can do things like shut the heating off if doors or windows are opened, you could purchase a Heatmiser sensor to use directly with there own hub or use a ST sensor and go down the ifttt route

Heatmiser is either zigbee or zwave not sure which

I have the Honeywell 9580 wifi thermostat. Other than the Honeywell server being offline occasionally, I haven’t had any problems with it in the last 4+ years and 2 houses.

The heating setpoint goes down to 40 degrees F & the cooling setpoint goes up to 99 degrees F.

It does integrate natively with ST and Google home. I don’t use Alexa so can’t comment.

I have a schedule set in the T-stat and use ST to override that schedule when we leave the house and resume normal operation when we return. I had to use webCore to execute the resume function though.

Honeywell T5 WiFi thermostat here and it works great. Up until about a year or so ago, there was a couple outages a month on the Honeywell side (usually an hour here and there), but since then, it has been rock solid and the ST integration works great. Have my leaving and returning Automations adjust the temperatures and have never had to tweak it. Highly recommend it. And it works great with Alexa.

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yes, trying to avoid an additional interface and app - such as with wifi devices. Prefer simplicity of just z wave or ZigBee controlled by SmartThings. Our wifi is weak, so trying to avoid additional load. SmartThings is ok because most of communication is by zwave or ZigBee radio signals. There are a handful of thermostats that are so designated, and hoping others have experience with them.

Sounds like you want something like the classic 2gig CT 100:

The Zen Thermostat is similar and is what I use. What I wanted was, “the dumbest smart thermostat I could find”. In other words a thermostat that has all of the capabilities with none of the AI. I wanted to be able to fine tune and manually control everything. These are both Z-Wave thermostats.

I have the Honeywell Lyric T5, which has since been replaced by the Lyric T5+. I have had it for several years, actually since it was released and it has worked perfectly, I think it went offline do to Honeywell’s servers once. I am very new to Smartthings, but I can confirm it does work with it. It looks like all the functions do work as well. Also, I do remember there was an option for the minimum and maximum setting, I don’t remember if I changed it, but with my current settings my minimum temperature setting is 50 degrees.

Honeywell RTH9580WF owner here. Except for the above-mentioned outages, the thermostat has been awesome. I only wish I had the model that would allow a wireless connection to an outdoor thermometer, but that’s not the fault if my thermostat.

I have an old Iris zwave thermostat (CT101) and for the most part not a lot of issues. You can find info on issues others have had on the forum.

Here is a link to the product.