Non-mains LCD Zigbee / Z-Wave thermostat? (NZ)

Hi There all!

I’ve been searching the forums, internet, internal stores (Amazon, Ali, etc) and I can’t find a “dummy” thermostat,

The Zen, ecobee, etc. all look nice, but I’m looking for something that doesnt require any cables asides from the power source (USB, etc), which either talks Zigbee or Z-Wave (no wi-fi if possible) so that it talks internally to the hub and the hub talks to what it needs to automate to turn stuff on (like power plugs with oil columns, sensibo for the AC/Heatpums, etc.)

Anyone know if such thing exists?

Ideas with observations:

  • Yes, probably with enough patience, an rPI with a TFT screen, and quite some code is doable, but I’m not sure if it would run locally with the hub, not so sure if you can add a zigbee transmiter (not a listener) and add it as a custom ‘thing’.
  • Yes I could probably use an old tablet with something like ActionTiles, but I don’t like the cloud-cloud, I’m trying to avoid the cloud connection if possible.

Any ideas / recommendations?


What country are you in?


That would be New Zealand, though I got no problems on importing stuff from overseas,


It’s illegal in New Zealand to operate Z wave devices on frequencies from other regions because they can conflict with local first responder communications. So Zigbee or Wi-Fi is likely to be your best bet.


Yes, I’m aware, if I’m going to purchase something from overseas I always make sure its compliant,

It is not what I asked.