Australia/New Zealand compatibility?

Can we use SmartThings in Australia and New Zealand? (Apart from those devices with North American plugs of course.)

Any idea when Australia/New Zealand plugs will be released?

Read the thread I’ve linked below, but substitute Australia/New Zealand everywhere it mentions Germany or Europe.

Australia/New Zealand have their own Z-wave frequency which differs from both the USA and Europe.

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in Australia and NZ we have cell phone frequencies that are close to the U.S. Z-wave frequencies of 908MHz. In Auz/NZ the Z-wave frequencies are around 921MHz. So the problem is that a) Z-Wave frequency usage from ST is on an illegal channel and b) it would suffer interference.
I have an ST hub in use in NZ and I have disabled Z-Wave in the settings. I can only assume it turns the transmitter off. That makes it legal as Zigbee works on 2.4 which is completely legal.
Of course that limits your equipment choice considerably as you will be limited to Zigbee equipment and things such as Wemo. Still all good stuff but not the selection.
Frankly, even if the hub was frequency selectable for Z-wave the end device selection would still be poor as most manufacturers only cover the larger market of the USA and don’t build the equipment for the other frequencies.
If you are into development it’s still a fun setup.


Hi george was nice seeing that you have one running fine on Zigbee gear only any chance you use FB or something i could ask you a few questions about your setup?

thanks in advance

I’m slowly upgrading the appliances and systems around my home in preparation for Smartthings being available in New Zealand…Any movement on this???

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Hi There

I’m slowly upgrading devices (Xiaomi Lights) and systems (NVIDEA Shield Android TV) for my Apartment and am very keen to have Samsung Smartthings. When will it be available in New Zealand?

Just get the US version… The only thing you can’t use will be zwave…

Yeah… Been running ST for a few years now in NZ. Just turn Zwave off and you are good to go.

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I finally jumped onboard and bought the new non-SamSung SmartThings hub from Aotec.

So far so good. Also most of the major Shops now sell Samsung SmartThings hubs.

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