Nominate SmartThings Android App for Chromebooks

Continuing the discussion from Running SmartThings in Chrome Browser:

Please nominate SmartThings to become an officially supported Android App on Chromebooks.


Does not look like this has gotten much traction. To bad, since we really need a good web interface. I wonder if the developers have submitted requests for this???

@Paulo did you see Nick’s other thread where people were successfully running the SmartThings Android app in Chrome on their computers?

Here is a screenshot from @Mike_Franks showing it working on his Chromebook:

I would note that other Android apps work in Chrome as well. For example, I was able to run SharpTools in phone and tablet mode:

One thing I found is that the ARChon 32-bit runtime would not work on my computer, so I updated Chrome to 64-bit and installed the ARChon 64-bit runtime and everything worked fine.

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I’m all in with Chrome OS (just one Windows machine as a Plex server) and tried this technique a while back on my Acer c720 and Asus chromeboxes with limited luck. It worked for about a week then just stopped. It does work well on Windows machines but I’m done with Windows. I might try it again on my chromeboxes but would like something a little more stable. Thanks anyways.

Gave it another shot on my Asus chromebox and can’t get it to work. It loads but just stops at this screen.

Just bumping this as I am running into the exact same issue!

@adamskoreyko are you also using an Asus chromebox or some other device?

@Paulo have you tried the ARChon 1.2 release? That’s what I’m using on a Windows device (with 64-bit Chrome) and it works great.

There was also some discussion in the issue tracker for ARChon about the particular version of Chrome being used. What version are each of you running? I’m running Version 40.0.2214.111 m (64-bit).

Got it working! I had an older version of the ARChon runtime installed. After updating it works great!

Last question, I can’t seem to adjust the size of the window as the app is slightly larger then the viewable area on my Macbook Air. Any ideas? Is it because I selected a tablet version of the app?

Thank you!!! @joshua_lyon

@adamskoreyko that may be the case. If you are creating your own export using the ARChon Packager, I would try the phone version (you can also just modify the arc_metadata entry in manifest.json and change the formFactor from tablet to phone)

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Edited the metadata as suggested to phone with no change. It’s not that big of deal and I am just happy to be able to turn off the lights right from the laptop.

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Got Sharptools (tablet ver. portrait layout works best) Smartthings and IP Cam Viewer to work using the older version of of ARChon 1.2 like you suggested. Running ChromeOS:
Version 41.0.2272.53 beta (64-bit)
Platform 6680.36.0 (Official Build) beta-channel stumpy
Firmware Google_Stumpy.2.102.0
on an Asus chromebox in case anyone was wondering.


Awesome! I was PMing with @adamskoreyko and he was able to get things working as well:

It is the correct size now. I had to ‘simulate a browser reset’ and it created the app in a size that fits on my screen.

This is still not supported on the latest stable version of Chrome OS ver 53 with the Chromebook Flip. Other apps seem to work fine but SmartThings app does not. (see picture) I was wondering if SmartThings is even working on compatibility with chormebooks since a web app seems to be a significantly missing piece of the puzzle. Android app comparability on Chrome OS would be an easy solution without having to resort to third party apps like SmartTiles.

“resort”?! … Ahem. :frowning2:. :see_no_evil:

Let me set the record straight. I love SmartTiles and they are one of the main reason I chose to use SmartThings. I have on numerous occasions suggested that SmartThings copy the SmartTiles GUI as is is far superior to theirs. That said, I wish I could have total control of SmartThings via a browser. I will always use SmartTiles for what it is, an excellent, simple GUI:

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Your welcome and edit is complete.

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