Google ARC Welder for Packaging Android Apps

Google has officially released a Chrome app that packages Android apps in order to run in your Chrome browser or Chrome OS. I have not tested this yet.

This is nice since they just announced chromenbit. I will go broke by year end with all this “necessary” toys.

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Would someone be kind enough to upload a recent version of the Android APK? please? :smile:

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I can confirm smartthings 1.7.1 is working in ARC welder on a macbook. very cool.
Edit : ok not everything work. the Icons don’t show up but you can control things.

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Works great, only in phone size though. Others work but don’t look nice.

(EDIT) Icons don’t work. Looks like anything raster based is having a bit of a hard time. Although some things I’m sure are images look ok. Can’t complain though, it works!

This has been doable off and on for a while. Now that it is officially available to developers, the question should be: How long before Smartthings submits an official Chrome app to the Web Store??? The average user does not want to jump through hoops for a web interface. Luckily, most Smartthings users tend to be pretty tech savvy. Still, an official app would be nice.

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Just tried the new APK. The older APK is much more usable as it shows the icons. The only thing that is fixed with the new APK is Temp readings.
Old vs. New


That’s weird. I was hoping that results would be consistent between mobile and Chrome.

I’m running a rather old version of the app in Chrome (under Windows) and it works just fine, just a little slow. So I’m still in no rush to get to 1.7.x, it seems.