Is it posible to run SmartThings in the Chrome Browser?

(Realsol) #1

I just tried to use Googles ARC Welder with the latest SmartThings Apk. It gets loaded in the Chrome apps, but when I launch it I get this:

Has anyone gotten this to work?

(sidjohn1) #2


(Realsol) #3

@sidjohn1, how are you able to achieve this?

(Beckwith) #4

I also was NOT able to get it to work.

(sidjohn1) #5

Running SmartThings in Chrome

Everything needed is in the first post

(Realsol) #6

@sidjohn1,thanks. I!ll give it a.shot.


Same here. Followed the steps in the link provided above

(Brent) #8

I am having the same problem as the first poster.