NodOn is not SmarrThings officially supported anymore

Hi Community.
Just wanted to warn you all.
Last month I’ve purchased a roller module of NodOn (I was looking for a better quality ZigBee module)
I purchased the module since it was listed under the official brands to support ST.

However! I had and issue with the edge driver I was using. so I contacted them to undertstand whicih driver they offer or recommend.
Turns out they are not supporting ST since Samsung request payment for that.
So before you go and purchase NodOn, please notify you will need to use 3d party driver and manage to work it on your own like any Chinese module.

*As for my issue. the module status is working backwards. the actions and motor working properly.

I don’t know about anyone else but, if I had seen a stock device handler that not only explicitly fingerprints a specific device but includes modifications to the code to handle that device, I would have taken that as just about the clearest signal there could be that the device was being supported by SmartThings. The ST certification programmes have little meaning to me as a consumer.

I would reasonably expect it to be migrated to an Edge driver so that it continues to be supported to the same level, not to just vanish because it apparently doesn’t have WWST certification. It’s a bit late in the day for that to matter.

I am not affected by any issues NodOn have, but I suspect I might have been with a SonOff device that was never ported (but fortunately still works with a generic fingerprint).

It must be particularly confusing when you are buying a new device.

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