Nodon Wall Switch compatible with ST hub?

Hi, I am interested to find out if it’s possible to use a Nodon Wall switch to set Routines in ST hub. Has anyone has experience in this? I can get it paired with the hub as an Aeon Key Fob, with battery reported. But the ST hub doesn’t seem to register the any key presses I make.

The model of swtich I am looking at: CWS-3-1-01

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Its based off the Z-Wave 500 Series according to:

Here are instructions on pairing Z-Wave 500 Series:

Zwave 500 series just means it has a zwave plus chip. (5th generation, series 500, and zwave plus all mean the same thing.) That doesn’t tell you what command sets it supports or what DTH it would need.

This particular device supports up to eight association groups and is going to need a custom device type handler in order to get each group working. It won’t work with the device type handler for the Dragontech WS100, or rather it will only work for a basic on/off.

It’s possible that the DTH for the Nodon Octan Switch might work, it looks like they are using a similar command set constellation.

But you would have to try it and see.

Did you test it with the Octan DTH? I’m interested in buying this switch


I guys, sorry a bit slow in getting back. In the end I managed to get the switch to work fine. Would highly recommend getting it if you need a switch for your smartthings setup. I use it to switch between the routines i have defined in the app.

While I’m at it, a quick shoutout for the guys at Nodon, who were super helpful in helping me get this up and running.

When you try to pair it, smartthings offers the AEON labs remote as a possible profile, but after that’s paired, none of the buttons are mapped properly, I can only see the battery level.

To get it to work, you will need to install the device handler below. Copy the code from github link, and enter it into your smartthings web interface. The second link shows how to do that. If you are Europe based like me, you will need to use an alternative smartthings web interface link than that shown in the article (included as the third link).

Good luck!


I have 5 of the Nodon CWS 3-1-00 Wall Switches and I recently had to reset my v2 hub. I wasn’t able to remove them before resetting the hub as the blue light was constantly on the hub as it was offline.

The problem I have now is that I am unable to add the devices back again to ST. I have changed batteries and also pressed 3 and 4 to reset the switch. I have managed to use the Z wave device exclusion to exclude the switches. However, when I try to include them again, I don’t get the green light after pressing 1 and 2 and then pressing 2.

Grateful for any help!


I have exactly the same problem with 2 nodon CWS. They were highly unreliable and I finally excluded them to see if it improves after reconnect.

Haven’t been able to re-pair. Tried all steps you did too.

Hope someone can help.


Let’s hope someone can help us soon!

FYI situation is still the same. I contacted Nodon support and am opening a Smartthings ticket too.

Interestingly I just noticed I received a 103 z-wave include failes error in the Hub event log. Does that ring any bell to anyone?

Aha this led me to a similar situation with other devices!

Hi All,

I was able to pair my Nodon Wall Switch with ST, buy crazily uninstalling the device (for me it wasn’t installed in the first place!). Then follow the steps above.

HOWEVER, as I am new to the world of ST, I need the wall switch to control the Z-Wave Device Multichannel Fibaro moduel I have on the circuit for a set of pendant lights…

I know this may seem basic knowledge for many, but if anyone could assist that would be great!

Issue still ongoing.