No way to send notification when everyone has left the house?

I thought this would be a quick easy thing to setup but I can’t see how to it.

I want a notification to be sent to me when everyone has left the house. I thought the “Notify me when” SmartApp would be the way to do this but it doesn’t have a “everyone leave” option and can only notify you when an individual leaves.

Is there anyway to do this without having to code a solution?


Should be able to do that with an Automation Routine. no need to do anything but select everyone leaves, and push notification.

I have that exact behaviour with Notify me when. Just select all your presence sensors and it should work fine…

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I want to configure the message text which I don’t think you can with the automation routines.

Seems logical that the notify me app should be able to notify me when everyone leaves, I wonder why they didn’t add the everyone leave option?

Do you use CoRE? This sort of stuff is really easy within that.

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Only just got the kit a few days ago and was looking for some simple stuff to try out but failed at the first hurdle it seems. I didn’t think such a simple thing would be hard.

I’ve heard of CoRE and certainly something I want to look at eventually but still finding my way around at the moment.

I’d highly recommend you look at CoRE then. Make it one of your first priorities because once you get started with that - you’re cooking on gas.

A lot of it is just basic logic, so it shouldn’t be too confusing to you.

e.g. IF X,Y, Z aren’t present THEN send push notification

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Do you not have a certain routine set up to run when everyone leaves the house? For example, turn the thermostat down, turn lights off etc. That should be sending a notification to everyone when that happens.

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Stephen I see CoRE is at release candidate state. Once it’s released does that mean it will be available in the marketplace for everyone to use without having to setup GitHub accounts and link to ide and everything else that you need to do to use beta software?

Thanks for posting that Robin. After reading that I think I need to get a github account setup :slight_smile:

The “Notify me when” app is super simple though learning to use CoRE will come in extremely handy.

It’s a SmartApp that’s been developed within the community so it’s unlikely to appear in the marketplace within your app.

That’s not to say it won’t in the future because the SmartThings team did something recently which they never did before and they reached out to the CoRE team to ensure that their hub update had no effect on CoRE users (because there’s that many of them!).

You don’t necessarilly need to setup a GitHub account but it does help notify you when there has been an update. For example, here in the UK for a while none of us were able to use GitHub within SmartThings so we had to manually update the app. With it in Release Candidate stage it’s in a very good place - so even if you were to install it manually there shouldn’t be any huge bugs.

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I thought the Marketplace was a way for any devs to release their apps? I can see apps that haven’t been published by SmartThings that just have a name or email against them that look like individuals made them but that’s all I’ve got to go off to make that assumption.

I ended up setting up CoRE last night but not had a chance to really play around with it yet. Had a quick look though and it doesn’t look to hard to create rules (or should I say pistons :smile:)