Why didn’t my action trigger when everybody left?

I have a rule to turn my blink alarm on after everybody leaves (2 people).

I left home yesterday and when I look in the SmartThings app I can see I’m away and the other device is present.

Today the other person left home and the app shows both of us away however the rule didn’t trigger. If I look in notifications/activity it shows me leaving yesterday and the other person leaving today.

Consequently nobody at home and no Blink system armed until I manually turned it on.

Why didn’t it trigger? If I run it manually everything works?

Is SmartThings generally unreliable? If so I’ll just box it up for a refund.

When you say “rule” are you talking Webcore? What smartapps didn’t take an action?

In the SmartThings app I have an automation called “arm blink”. It’s pretty much the same as goodbye.

It is triggered 5 minutes after 2 iPhones leave.

The SmartThings app recorded me leave yesterday and the other person leave today and nothing was triggered.

I’m still away and the other person has arrived back and left again. This time it worked.

Question. If the 2nd person leaves and the app registeres them leaving and before the 5 minute delay to run the trigger one or both phones are not connected to the internet will the process still run?

Can you post a screenshot

The system turning on at 2:31pm was me doing it manually.

Sorry, I meant screenshot of the rule

Here you go

The same rule just worked now but it didn’t this morning.

If the 2nd person leaves and the app registeres them leaving and before the 5 minute delay to run the trigger one or both phones are not connected to the internet will the process still run?

The phone has to have an internet connection to register as present or not. I suspect that when it didn’t run phone #1 had gone from Not Present to Unknown.

If an action has a 10 minute delay what generates the action after the delay?

The iphone itself. The home hub or Samsung’s severs?

Well, it’s a cloud device, which means the processing doesn’t happen on your hub. The phone updates it’d location which triggers ST to set the device to not present. Then when ST sees its not present for 10 continuous minutes it triggers the routine. So if the device goes to unknown during that 10 mins it won’t trigger. But if it was away, it should stay away even if you temporarily lose internet on your phone.
Do you see this problem repeatedly or did this happen once?

I’ve only had the system for a few days. Today was the first real test.

If the phone loses its internet in that 10 minute trigger period surely as soon as it comes back online it should trigger. It didn’t.

I’m not even sure the phone did go offline.

That’s not how smartthings works. Also, it doesn’t matter what your phone does, it matters what the device’s status in ST is. When i lose internet on my phone it keeps the current status (present or not present) permanently until the phone gets connection again. Also, do you have the routine set to execute only once per day? That might cause things to not carry on between the two days. Basically, if all your presence sensors show up in ST as “Not present” for 10 minutes the routine should trigger. Have you defined your home boundaries also? Remember, it’s not when you leave, it’s when ST recognizes that you’ve left. So, your ST app on your phone has to send a message to the ST cloud to change your device. So, unless you have location services on on your phone, it won’t update your device’s status in ST.

Also, are you iPhone or Android? If you’re iPhone, make sure you have the app setup for background updates. You might want to search the forum for some posts on mobile phones as presence devices. There are some good tips/tricks to getting them to work better. I know iPhone users have been having issues since the latest iOS update that required some setting changes to get them to work better. I’m an android user so i’m not familiar with the details.

Hi. iPhone. Background app refresh is on. Home zone setup etc etc.

What surprises me is the app showed the 2nd phone leaving and it didn’t not trigger the left home action. Maybe, just maybe in that pause period the phone lost connection (but the app did show away so I’m confused why it didn’t trigger). However, I’ve now removed the pause completely so the moment the 2nd phone leaves it should arm.

Thanks for your help BTW

If it left, then you have to wait 10 minutes before the action will trigger. Both phones have to show up as not present for 10 minutes IN SMARTTHINGS for the action to occur. It sounds like you didn’t wait long enough. I wouldn’t reduce it to zero. If you’re testing it you could set it to 1. I don’t know how it would behave with a value of zero.
Also, you’re turning on a switch…does that switch perform the action you are looking for if you turn it on manually?

It fires immediately when set to 0. This is how I have mine setup in the Routines that Arm my system when Mobile Presence has left the perimeter (GPS) and/or ST Arrival Sensors are no longer Present (Based on Zigbee).

Okay. Cause the note in the routine in the ST app talks about reducing it and setting it higher…never zero so wasn’t sure that wasn’t a problem. But if you have used it then that isn’t the problem.

I would recommend somewhere between 0 and 2 (0 might cause issues in different environments as well, who knows) for anyone, as 10 minutes (default) is a lot of additional lag time. :slight_smile: