No SmartApps in the new Smartthings app (Denmark

I would like to use the smart light app, but I cannot figure out how to do that.
In the Smartthings app (iOS 14.2) I clikc add SmartApp but I can only choose between Smartthings Home Monitor or SmartThings Clothing Care.

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Unfortunately SmartThings region restricts the smartapps. here is the list of countries we have figured out so far

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Thanks @Automated_House

Do you know why this is?
And if there are plans to change this?

Not sure really. Some could be due to device availability or local laws. Maybe they don’t have it translated in this case?

New in Smartthings and what a mess I got my self into.
NOTHING follows your written instructions!!
When will this migration be in place? How can ST start changing things without a plan or detailed introduction to users?
(I’m asuming poor Jimmy is a Smartthings employe?)

I am not, just a normal user like yourself.

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Ah Sorry for the bucket of S*** I threw your way :wink:
Is there a good place to find

  1. Some kind of Manual
  2. Plans for what is happening to ST timeline for changes and functions?
  1. The support site is the closest, but looksl ike its only USA and UK specific
  2. They don’t publish those other than the announcement section of this forum