Why isn't Smartthings Energy smartapp Global?

I have seen in the new https://www.smartthings.com/partners/smartthings-energy that there is an energy smartapp for calculating how much you spend. Why isn’t this smartapp globally available?

@blake.arnold any chance we could get this app in europe as well?

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I believe it requires integration with your local energy provider. I forget who they use in Korea, but in the UK they partnered with Bulb energy.

I don’t think so. It says it is only available in South Korea. They could at least adjust it so that it can get data from selected energy metering devices.

More like why isn’t smartthings air smartapp available @blake.arnold I even have the air purifier

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It just looks wierd. These should be global

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I disagree - see below. But, the real answer is lawyers, of course.

When in my previous life in software support, whenever I had to escalate a question like that it ALWAYS came down to what liability the company was unwilling to pick up by releasing XYZ in ABC Geography.

I’ll give them a pass on it though because you have no idea how complicated it gets to release stuff globally and make sure you’re not running afowl of someone’s local law to prevent a thing that was someone else’s great idea that will change the world! The bigger your company is, the bigger litigation target you become so the more important these things get, so corporations then default to “No, they can’t get it in [INSERTCOUNTRYHERE] until the features undergo feature review…”

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I can understand what you mean but what does power consumption have to do with legal stuff? We already have metering on our devices

You’d be suprised unfortunately. It happens enough for the default answer to usually be ‘no’ when dealing with a multinational because of the bad behavior of others. It’s safer to make people prove it’s not an issue than assume it isn’t.

I’m with Bulb but the energy metering and bulb are not particularly good together

Bulb and the ST app only support 2 types of in home displays IHD and they are both only available if Bulb themselves installed there own smart meter, if you have an IHD from another company that previously supplied your energy it does not work, add to that Bulbs notorious issues with there own smart meters not working properly and reporting useage incorrectly the whole thing is a bit of a mess

There user community is littered with complaints

The concept is brilliant but in practice it appears Bulb are not a shining example of how the technology should be used

In the interim you could just put an energy sensor on the Mains and do some simple math or export the data to a stream on WebCore and get the gauges. There was a project like this a few years ago here or over at https://community.webcore.co/.

I understand but that is nowhere near easy enough

True, it’s not a cake walk :wink:
But if you just have the sensor, like Aeotec, the ST DTH should give you the Power and Energy readings at least so you can track things.
That’s assuming the new App understands what’s going on!

I do want to get the full house sensor actually

I’ve been looking for a way to incorporate the data that my electrical provider captures with the smart meter and show daily use. http://www.greenbuttondata.org/ provides a way to get this data but so far I have not found a way of automating the download.
As more and more providers are using smart meters, and pushing data to green button, that may be a way that smartthings energy could be used to provide data to us.

The SmartThings energy control App only works in Uk with Bulb Energy customers using smets2 meters and chameleon ihd3 or ihd6 cad. I’m with Bulb but using smets1 meter so it’s just frustrating I can’t use it even though i have ihd3-cad from previous supplier that gives me the usage.