No smart app to control Leviton Outlet VRR15-1LZ?

(Xavier) #1

I have installed a Leviton VRR15-1LZ (or as home depot knows it R02-DZR15-1LZ) - my brand new smart hub found the device and I can turn on/off a lamp that is plugged in the outlet - my issue: when using the iPhone app, it seems there are no smart apps available for that device so I can’t schedule on/off for the lamp

Do I need to install an external app for this? Would you suggest another z-wave outlet in order to operate it with the smart hub?( I could not find the GE outlet in light almond color…)



(Xavier) #2

user error on my part I think. I removed the outlet from my network, then re-added it choosing the Leviton outlet entry from the “+ Things” and then was able to add a smartapp to set the schedule. Maybe I forgot that step previously - I may be missing something obvious as well since I could not find a way to add a smart app from the “Things” screen for that specific outlet…