New Smartthings user question about Outlets and very basic question

I currently have a few Lutron switches and a honeywell thermostat.
Just purchased a Smarthings v3 a smart things water leak detector and 4 Meros plug in switches.

Looking for a few in wall outlets to control some lights where space is an issue and don’t want a bulky plug in there.

one thing I noticed is for the Smartthings Water Leak sensor I didn’t have to install another app on my phone like I did for the Meross or the Lutron which I already have.

are there any in wall outlets that won’t require another app? do other apps really matter besides cluttering up my phone? for example now that I have the smartthings will I even use the lutron app on my phone anymore or can I delete it? a bit confused on how this all works


If you stick to zwave or zigbee devices you won’t need another app


You can buy the official Samsung Smart Plugs, they work within the same Smartthings App.

Most wall outlets that are zigbee or Z-wave will not require another app. ST will control everything.

I don’t know about Lutron as I don’t have any, but many devices like that have an API that can be accessed via ST and if someone or ST have developed it then you will not need the third party app as ST can control everything.

For instance I have a Ecobee thermostat which has it own app and I don’t really need to use ST for it. A developer here wrote his own ST integration Sandood’s Ecobee Suite and I use that in conjunction with webcore to control the thermostat. Webcore is another subject but you don’t need it I just like it. You can do most everythgin I do with webcore withing Sandood’s smartapp for ST. You have to register with the Ecobee API though the ST integration and that gives ST full control over the Ecobee. I also use Ecobee app as well.

So it’s up to you and of coarse what is available as to whether you use the native app or a ST integration. A quick search in the forum for whatever device you what to use will usually give you any info you need. As for outlets there are several you can use that do not require are even have a third praty app. I have mostly Ge/Jasco and they work great, there are other brands as well.

thanks for the info… feel better now… is there an Smartthings 101 tutorial somewhere? Not necessarily the marketing level but first step below that. Once I get 2 outlets installed and these Meross smart plugs configured I would like to set up some sequence so when things get dark flip one switch and have all the different lamps come on and then at bedtime flip one switch and turn them all off… then my wife will understand the benefit :slight_smile:

Look at automations or scenes in the new app, should be pretty straight forward. I haven’t played too much with the new app as I use webcore and am still on the classic app, but it should step you through it.

Yes, use the search function and search for faq:
Also the support site has good intro guides:

As @sidjohn1 mentioned, devices which connect directly to the smartthings hub, which normally mean zigbee or Z wave, do not need another app.

Samsung brand WiFi devices like the new camera and lightbulb and Samsung smart appliances do not need another app.

Other devices with official integrations will typically connect at the cloud level, and you will have to use that Device’s app to set up the device in the first place. But once you complete the initial installation, you will be able to create all your schedules and automations through the smartthings app. This would include your Lutron and Meross devices That are part of the official integrations.

The following community FAQ might also help:

SmartThings Beginner’s Guide (2020)