My Leviton needed for Smartthings Mobile app?

I’m trying to add my first device to my Smartthings Mobile app and the Smartthings Hub. I’m adding a Leviton Decora Smart Plug-in Outlet (DZPA1). Do I need to add the outlet to the My Leviton App first? If so, that seems like a lot of effort and added complexity. Am I doing something wrong?

ps, the Leviton device seems to stay in the pairing mode for a very short time before ending. I hold the DZPA1 button for ten seconds until it flashes amber. I press it once so it turns flashing green for pairing mode. It soon flashes red (failed pairing) and ends pairing process. It seems like the Smartthings app barely has time to find the Outlet

If you have a Smartthings Hub, you should be able to just add the outlet to it and use the Smartthings app.

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Thanks, I’ll keep working at it.

If it’s a z-wave device then you won’t be able to add it to your leviton app. You need a z-wave controller, like the ST hub, to pair with the device.

Have you put your ST hub in pairing mode first, then followed the procedure to put your device into pairing mode?

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Leviton makes many devices that look identical but that use different network protocols.

SmartThings is able to integrate with the Leviton devices that use Z wave or Zigbee.

The my Leviton app is for the devices which use Wi-Fi. It cannot talk to the zwave switches.

So it should currently be impossible to add the same Leviton switch to both my Leviton app and the SmartThings app. If SmartThings ever adds support for the Wi-Fi switches, then you might be able to add to both, but we aren’t there yet.

Look on the back of your device again and check the exact model number.

Since the Leviton plug-in outlet was the first thing I ever tried to pair, I feared everything would be that difficult. I have since paired a water sensor and smoke alarm easily and conclude it was the Leviton outlet which is my problem. I returned it. Life is too short, and there are other vendors out there. Hopefully I will have better luck with GE

Thanks for your thoughtful response.

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