No Routine with google home + samsung smartthings multi-purpose sensor

Hi, i have google home and a samsung smartthings hub with multi purpose sensors for the doors. i can connect both accounts and the multi-purpose sensors are visible in my google home. Even if i ask for the temperature or if i open the door, the google home is recognizing it. Now i want to setup a routine with the multipurpose sensor e.g. when the door is open send me a message. The problem is that if i try to create a routine with google home it is not recognizing the multipurpose sensor as trigger. Why ? how can i detup a routine with the sensor in google ?

Not supported yet, coming soon, a smartthings routine can send you a message.

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I have been accepted into the Beta and I see 2 additions.

  1. They added a Favorites page similar to ST.

  2. Now you can add time conditions to the triggers for automations. Similar to ST preconditions.

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Mine has just appeared too. I don’t see any time conditions in Routines that I didn’t already have.

As far as I can see only the Favourites page tells you which Home you are using. Which is particularly annoying as I find the idea of a Favourites page in Google Home even more pointless than the one in SmartThings. It shows the same lack of respect for the user too. I don’t want Favourites, just give me the blank space.

It is possibly the worst UI I have ever seen. I’ve already had to remove it as it is so bad.

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