"No discount for you!"

I tried activating my Nvidia Shield Link hub, but it will no longer recognize it. I thought it was supposed to be active until June 1st? The only reason I’m doing this is for some arbitrary requirement that it must have been active recently in order to get the Aeotec hub discount. So I can’t get it because it’s not active, but I cannot get it active even though it’s supposed to be supported until June 1. Support has gone dark. Any one else have an idea how to get through this mess with the support people? Frustrated beyond description.

word on the street was that while you no longer can activate it, if it is already active then it will work thru jun 1st

The Nvidia Link was unusable from day 1 and never worked correctly. You must have suffered with it to the very end just to qualify for a replacement discount. I’m usually a SmartThings apologist, but that’s becoming difficult.

i thought about getting one years back, but decided not to.