No "Amazon Alexa" smartapp is sown

Set up a new hub. Controlling one switch on the local network. When I attempted to add the Amazon Alexa smartapp in the Smartthings mobile app, I found that it is not shown in the list of available smartapps!

Obviously, I can’t integrate with Alexa without the smartapp. Where did it go?

Running latest release of the iOS Smartthings app.

It’s the other way around… When you authorize Alexa to use your SmartThings account, SmartThings will automatically add the Alexa smart app to your account so you can edit permissions later.

When I tried to enable the skill in Alexa, the hub was not shown in the list of hubs.

Instead, I see only another hub that has never been associated with this Amazon account!


Also…Can anyone tell me why the hub does not appear in the “From:” pulldown when enabling the Smartthings skill in Alexa? Note that the hub is visible to and controllable by the Smartthings app (even when using cellular data — outside of my local network.)

Why would a different hub location appear in the pulldown, when that location has never been associated with the Amazon account I used to set up this Echo?

Sorry to self-respond, but later readers who have encountered this odd issue should know that it apparently can take time for a registered hub to propagate. In my case, it appeared in the Smartthings skill pull-down menu after 15-20 minutes. Network conditions could be the culprit.

I still can’t explain the appearance of a hub that was never associated with the Amazon account in the pull-down menu. Because the extraneous hub was associated with a separate Amazon account that had been logged into from my IP address, I suspect that Alexa is caching values, although Amazon support insisted that this is not the case.

It pulls devices from ST account, not Amazon account